Monday, January 22, 2018


As an artist I travel by myself a lot. But I've been remembering some trips to Jordan that were so much more fun because I brought a friend along. Here are some of the reasons to travel with a pal -

When you look fabulous who else is going to take your photo but your best travel pal?

Some places are lonely without a friend. 

Real estate dreaming is more fun with someone to agree that all it needs is a coat of paint and some landscaping. 

It's kind of nice without the roof. Really. 

And both of you agree that it's a fixer upper but you can never have too much space. 

When exploring mysterious canyons looking for ancient civilizations - it's great to have someone along who actually knows what they are doing. 

Listen with wonder as ancient history unfolds along the way. (Thanks Erin for a thrilling hike through Nabatean waterways!)

But when you need a break from the weight of history it's nice to have a goofy friend along to act like a cheese ball. 

And when you find yourself in a hole it's always good to have a pal close by - to snap your photo. (These are ancient tombs. So...yeah. Creepy)

 No matter who's driving, always follow the road signs. 

Well.  Not always. 

Sometimes your evening cocktail is better with a little salt. Or a lot of salt. And much nicer with a pal to share it and take your pic. 

Just because you're travelling with a friend doesn't mean you can't flirt with the locals. 

A friend will encourage you to go off road - though sometimes you may get a little lost.  

And a pal will capture that moment when you lose yourself in the vista.

A friend will photograph you with your zany art projects.

A pal will say "You DON'T look sweaty and tired. You are a GREAT painter"

A good friend will always stop the car for a photo op.  

And an inspiring friend will help you to see your trip from a different perspective.

A friend will tell you when you have sunscreen on your nose. This photo was taken while travelling solo. Yup.

You'll meet lots of people who'll invite in for coffee.

 And you'll make new friends along the way. 

But at the end of the day your friendship will the be the treasure you remember forever from your trip to Jordan.

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