Saturday, December 31, 2011

Plein Air in Jordan

After teaching art every day in Jordan I had a couple of hours before sunset to take my paints outside and work on these landscapes. The biggest challenge was finding places to hide from friendly children who would surround me. So I sought out deep ditches and remote wasteland behind giant boulders to crouch in hopeful seclusion. Inevitably I was found and ended up painting under the interested gaze of shepherds, farmers and sometimes whole families. I can't blame them. I love to watch people paint too! And the concept of being happy while being alone doesn't really exist in Jordan's people oriented culture. My friends would ask in amazement if I was really going painting "la hally' - alone. They really think I'm crazy now.

These paintings, and the one in the previous post both show Wadi Hasa. The giant sandstone cliffs are the same geology as Petra, which is a few miles to the south.  

The haze in the air is partly clouds but mostly dust from a windy day in the mountains to the north.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas from the Holy Land

I have just returned from teaching art workshops in Jordan. While there I was so lucky to be able to take the time to do some plein air painting. This is Wadi al-Hasa which is the large and beautiful canyon that bisects the small town where I stay.

While I painted this young shepherd and his flock walked by. Surprisingly he asked me what time it was and then hurried off. Somehow I always thought of shepherds as being timeless. The sun was setting and by the time I finished my painting the stars had appeared in the purple dust stained sky - and glory shone around. Happy Christmas everyone.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Milk White

I haven't painted any dairy farms yet but I was so tempted by these beautiful white cows I saw photos of. They are called British White. This painting measures 9x12 inches and is painted with a little more bravado - and paint - than my usual detailed style. I have been influenced by my plein air adventures!