Thursday, August 22, 2013

I'm Back and Painting the Joyful Abundance of the Seasons

For Macrina Bakery and Cafe in Queen Anne I am painting a twenty foot wide scene of locally grown food though the seasons. My first step, after procrastinating as long as possible, was to bring a tomato plant into the studio and start by drawing it. It took away some of the scariness of twenty feet of white board.

I'm drawing in charcoal and using an acrylic color wash for a playful light hearted look. The silver leaf also keeps things light. I like the sketchiness and the textures.

The tomatoes are for summer - and brussel sprouts are summery too. But I really added them because I love to paint their odd white ribs and the punctuation of the sprouts. 

Next come autumn of course. Pumpkins and pears. And I can't wait for kale in the snow of winter.