Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nancy's Magpies

This painting practically painted itself. The inspired choice of magpies and daisies requested by my client for her new residence worked very well with the 'silver' leaf. 


I love Chrysanthemum leaves, though it is foolish to set myself up in comparison with the incomparable William Morris. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Carol's Summer Produce

This commission was so much fun. Carol gave me a list of summer produce and then let me experiment with my painting techniques. The result is a rich 'silver' and color filled garden that brings summer inside - even in February. 

The 'silver', which is aluminum leaf, reflects light differently depending on the angle of the viewer and the angle of the light. You can compare the painting above and below to see this lively effect. 

This is the original sketch for the client. This is about as detailed as I ever get with sketches - and often I don't use them at all.

Herbs arranged along the bottom of the painting are, from left to right, thyme, rosemary, basil, sage and chives.

I began by drawing in charcoal and pencil. Then I used a watercolor technique for color - nice and loose and fun.

Then I applied glue and leaf. And thicker paint. I used sand paper and more charcoal and more paint and loved building up the layers that show the 'history' of the piece. Carol was supportive as I pushed this visible process further than my previous work.

I like working on commissioned pieces and find client's feedback helpful. Sometimes the opinions of my cats, my usual collaborators, are not enough.