Saturday, April 6, 2013

Teaching Art at Zaatri Syrian Refugee Camp, Jordan

While I was in Jordan I spent a few days teaching art at the massive Syrian refugee camp near the border. I have written about it here.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

An Exhibition at Bainbridge Public Library

My paintings of farms and food will be at Bainbridge Public Library through the month of April and I'll be there for First Friday Art Walk. Come and say hi.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Teaching Art in Jordan

I have been teaching art in the town of Safi, Jordan - on the shores of the Dead Sea. The women's society has an art exhibition coming up in one of the big hotels and we spent our time getting ready for it. I love this picture of Aishie drinking her tea.

We painted vegetables that we picked on the farm. 

And we learned the English and Arabic for parts of the face.

Weesall begins a face painting. Yes those are Trader Joe's frozen dinner plates brought from my kitchen in Seattle. My secret is out. 

Ali stands in front of some of our self portraits.

Some of the colorful faces look best when combined with another face. It's always a fun day trying to match the pieces so they look wonderful. After they are matched we sew them together.

The picture below is interesting to me because I have never seen men in this room. It is a women's society after all. But local carpenters came to build stretchers for our paintings. The women are stretching their work with a staple gun.

The beautiful, moody and wonderful Noor. She could run the world if given a chance.