Friday, May 12, 2017

Family Memories of England

Here's a detail of a painting I made for friends who wanted to remember living in England and walking in bluebell woods with their kids. A hedgerow was added - and some ladybirds which is what ladybugs are called in England. 

It started with a flat field.

And trees came - and went. 

I added the family. 

 And finally there is a very verdant and flowery scene with a hedge of "sloe" and some wild orchids.

Raven for Orcas Island

This painting dates back to last fall but escaped the blog until now. It is a commission showing a raven and the madrona trees that grow on Orcas Island, near Seattle. I used copper leaf which echoes the color of the peeling cinnamon bark of the madrona. 

I struggled with the raven at first. This early attempt looks more like a pigeon. 

That's better!

Full Studio

My studio is very full these days. I have so many projects bubbling away. Some are large commissions - one for a school and one for a cider house. Some are private paintings of cats and dogs in various styles for various pet owners. I love working on all of them.

I go back and forth working in oil and acrylic as suits my two styles. Here you can see some of the panels with their underpainting waiting for imagery to be added.

Huckleberry's favorite time is studio time. He complains when we have to skip a day in the studio. Outside the door you can see the grass, wildflowers and blackberry bushes I love in my little alley. Also the orange cones that mark the ubiquitous construction in all Seattle neighborhoods now. My neighbors are building a new house.