Sunday, July 26, 2015

Vegetable Garden with Tomatoes, Brussels Sprouts and Fennel

I usually photograph my pieces outside on a cloudy day. Huckleberry watched. 

I showed this painting at the Ballard Farmer's Market on a cold winter day in 2013. It had a gold leaf background - and was part of a series of organic farms and food. It was a celebration of the weird and wonderfulness of the Brussels Sprout plant. I remember thinking that the white stems looked like rib bones. 

I haven't shown my work in public much lately as I have been taking commissions for large pieces instead. So this painting sat in my studio for a couple of years - looking kind of serious. Eventually I decided to lighten it up by layering silver leaf over the gold.

And then a fennel plant appeared. 

The fennel is based on a series of paintings I made in the farm fields of the Snoqualmie Valley. This photos was taken at Full Circle Farm, near Carnation.

And these are from a different painting that I later painted over. 

And then I added some tomatoes.

And here it is. 

That's a basil plant at the bottom.