Friday, February 26, 2016

New Small Paintings with Silver

I have been painting smaller pieces using metallic leaf. These two measure only 8x10 inches. They sold the first time I showed them. 

Using the same colour pallet I painted these owls and love their graphic quality. They are a current favourite of mine.

This little owl also sold quickly. I have priced this series of paintings to make them affordable so this little guy was only $80. I want to make lots of these small wooden panel paintings using silver leaf while the winter days are dark. I love how they shine and cheer me up.

 More owls! Some of the brushwork turned out nicely on this one. 

I opened an Etsy shop this fall and decided to show my paintings in interior settings. I like how they look in these stock photos. Here is my Etsy shop. Why not visit and have a look around.