Monday, June 12, 2017

Pets - We Love Them!

Pet portraits are so meaningful and fun to paint. I've had a chance to paint some well loved animals this past year.

I use two styles. Below is a portrait of Jo in acrylic and gold leaf. I also paint in a more detailed style using oil paint which you can see above in my painting of MacDuff the collie. 

This is a detail of a larger painting of three bulldog friends. Acrylic and copper leaf. 

This is a portrait in oil of my own cat Opal. And some of the weeds that grow outside my studio door.

Three beloved poodles. Oil on panel.

This is the most involved pet portrait I have ever painted. Oil on panel and even the plants are portraits of this extraordinary backyard farm. Each chicken is a portrait too. And there are even bees!

Gumbo the gorgeous dog with lovely spots. 

Gabo the beautiful white cat who is friends with Gumbo. 

And most recently I enjoyed painting these sheep for Nashi Orchards on Vashon Island. They are not really pets - but I have a feeling that they really are.

Saturday, June 10, 2017