Monday, February 9, 2009

Three Scarlet Gardens

I have been immersed in the delicate browns, greys and whites of winter and enjoying painting these colors. Today, though, waking up to more snow and cold, I crave something hotter. There are three gardens in my life right now that all offer me a flash of scarlet. First, outside amid the frost blasted grey rosemary and crumpled black flax plants I have indulged in some grocery store primulas and a single pansy. Scarlet! I will probably get them planted into the ground eventually, but even if I don't they are doing their job of warming me up.

The second garden bringing heat to my color palette is an indoor bowl of amaryllis, looking pretty good against my newly painted dark grey kitchen wall.

And the third garden is an underwater collection of plants and animals at the Seattle Aquarium where I have been researching abalone for a painting. I think this is kelp, either giant or bull.

Aren't they all a perfect tonic for the cold weather! Franky Scarlet I DO give a damn.

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  1. :) Funny! Nice to have that jolt of color. I got some primroses too and also have yet to plant them... but I can admire them every time I head out and back in the front door!