Friday, April 3, 2009

A Challenge

A while ago I saw a painting at Roq la Rue gallery by Christian van Minnen (on the left, below) that reminded me of another painting by English painter Richard Wathen. I told a friend about the similarity and he challenged me to paint a self portrait using the same elements: a strangely shaped black hat, green background, orange clothing and brown fur. He is doing one too but I haven't seen it yet.

It was fun painting a person after working with plants and animals for so long. Looking so closely at my own face wasn't so much fun...but artists have to be tough. I feel inspired to work with more images of people now, but I want to include plants too. And after today's sunshine there will be lots in the garden to inspire me.

Click on any of these to see them bigger. My painting measures 11"x14" and is oil on panel.


  1. Fabulous self-portrait, Jean!!! The bunny-as-hat was inspired. And is the painting on the lower right the one by the British artist? It's just wonderful, too. thanks for sharing them!

  2. Love these! Think you should have a ferret stole too though, I can look at one without thinking of you these days.

  3. It is great to get kind comments from such wonderful bloggers. Zoe I should have thought of a mink stole with a live mink! Maybe PETA would buy it for an ad.
    Thanks to you all for taking the time. It means a lot.

  4. Love your self portrait, Jean, both wry and tender. reminds me a bit of da Vinci's Lady with an ermine, you must know it. don't be afraid of your face . It's beautiful.

  5. My brother-in-law painted a revamp of the painting mentioned by Daniel, cracked patina and all. He had pet ferrets so the ermine looks a little different, and the girl looks more like his now ex-girlfriend. I love that you used the bunny as a hat, and the baby one in your hand... Lovely! Ditto your face, you are a beauty and shouldn't be so hard on yourself! Sorry we missed you at SAGBUTT - I don't suppose you'd want to organize the next one? I think it's supposed to be on Sunday, May 17.

  6. Wow. I should fish for compliments more often. You guys make me feel gorgeous. What sweet friends I have.

    Yes I know the Leonardo painting and have a print of it on my wall. Oh the sfumato, sigh... It sounds like your brother in law is a serious painter Karen. Cool.

    I have just realized that I will be in Vancouver the weekend of the 17 May. I am not doing very well at making it to these gatherings. Maybe I could organize the one in June? Maybe Daniel could do something in the valley?I will take this conversation over to your blog Karen.