Saturday, April 3, 2010


I have a show of my new work at Fuel Coffee in Montlake in Seattle. There will be a little opening reception on Wednesday evening from 6-8 pm and you are invited! Why not stop by and say hello.

Fuel Coffee
2300 24 ave E Seattle
Wed 7 April


The show will run through the month of April and then move to Fuel on Capitol Hill.

Here are the paintings that will be there.


  1. It will be so exciting to see all of these in person. After your long winter of hard work, I hope it is gratifying to you to see them all up in one place. I wish I could buy them all!

  2. If I had $700 I would buy Reckless. I love that painting ! Your work is beautiful.

  3. I caught the show at Fuel and absolutely loved it. Are any of the works still for sale? Crazy World, or Star, We are Alone We are Not Alone?

  4. Jean!

    I would've loved to have seen all these amazing works in person!


  5. Just saw your work this morning at Fuel in Wallingford. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I loved every piece!