Friday, May 21, 2010

Animals of the Pacific Coast

I just got back from a trip to Tofino on Vancouver Island. There are dramatic mountains, sandy beaches, crashing waves, and misty, cool, drippy constant moisture there making a happy home for so many plants and animals. Here we are rescuing a butterfly that had fallen into a rain puddle. It was flapping its wings by the time we left but probably didn't benefit from its swim.

And here my mother tries to rescue some tree frog tadpoles from a fresh water puddle that looked like it was drying up. We shouldn't have worried. It rained soon afterward. And rained again and again after that.

This little baby bear was beside the road.

On the beach there were orange and purple starfish

and emerald green sea anemones waiting for the tide to come in.

This sea star was huge.

And the biggest barnacles I have ever seen.

My favorite west coast beach animals - my mum and dad.


  1. Jean, this is all absolutely fantastic. I have to gasp. I have only seen sea stars in Sea World like places, but this is incredible, seeing them in their natural surroundings, their colour is amazing. And a baby bear walking by the road, and barnacles...Do you have more pics that you can share?

  2. looks like a wonderful trip Jean! and amazing to see a little bear! and I've never seen so many huge starfish before. Your parents look like they had a great time too.

  3. I've just found your blog and love your photos and paintings--I've featured some of your paintings on my blog--I'm also being inspired by my garden!

  4. Jean!

    What an incredible looking place!

    I love rainy weather too!


  5. Love the pic of your "favorites" - hi to your dear mum from me! I think that huge sea star might be a sunflower star. Do you know about these? They are the badasses of the sea star world. Voracious and comparatively fast moving!

    Looks like a fabulous trip. I love Tofino, hope to get back there someday.

    Man, I've been away from blogland for a long time. How can posts from May be "behind" for me??? Hope you are well!