Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Henry and I grow peas every year since they are one of his favorite foods. We pulled the vines out a while ago to make room for the tomatoes. Now it looks like we won't get enough sun to grow good tomatoes this year.
This study is oil on canvas and measure about 8"x10" I think.

I found Henry using my exacto knife the other day. He is such a scientist. This is what he was doing. Everyone enjoys gardening in their own special way.


  1. Jean!

    Your painting is charming and dare I say romantic even!

    I love how the peas were spliced up and measured. Henry is clearly a nerd. A cool nerd that is!


  2. My peas are late this year. Maybe if I had a pea painting I wouldn't even need to plant them, the idea of them would be enough. I think Henry's experiment is artistic as well as scientific. What does 1/256th of a pea taste like? Maybe the tomatoes will come on yet. We can always hope.