Sunday, September 26, 2010

Looking Back

The other day, while driving back from Canada, we passed through the flat marshlands of the Skagit Valley at twilight. The sky was large because the land was flat. And it glowed with that strange green that happens when the yellow of the vanished sun mixes with the blue of the night. And trees were just losing their colors and becoming silhouettes. It is such an emotional time of day. I always seem to be going home from somewhere at twilight. But this time, as I drove away from the country of my childhood I wasn't sure if I was going to my home or going away from my home.

I always felt badly for Lot's wife in the bible who looked back at her home being destroyed and was subsequently punished by God. This seems to be inexplicably unjust. Surely we are allowed to look for home wherever we choose, whether it is back to where our sentimental hearts yearn or forward where our adventures propel us.

This painting is oil on clayboard and measures 9"x12".


  1. Jean, I just returned home from home, myself. I understand the melancholy,which is as colorful as the sunset. Even leaving summer and entering fall seems like changing homes. Luckily we adjust quickly. Lot's of beautiful work as usual. I am enamored with the peaches, my favorite fruit, and the peas.

  2. "It is such an emotional time of day."

    I love that line from you.

    What a simple yet powerful painting, Jean!

    We should always move forward in life but there are times where one just can't help but to look back.