Monday, November 1, 2010

The Day We Met Was Long Ago

This is another painting about relationships. As I painted it I was thinking about so many different people in my life. Old friends, new friends, mothers and children, boyfriends and, of course, cats.

Oh little mountain beaver. How I love your whiskers.

You may notice that the painting was reversed in the previous post. This is another trick I use in Photoshop to see the painting with fresh eyes, after staring at it all day long. I also hold paintings up to the mirror for the same effect.

The painting is oil on panel and measures four feet across.


  1. What a charming painting. I love the soft colors and all the details. Best of all I find the unique perspective with the mountain beaver looming large at the front of the artwork to be very original.

  2. a beautifully detailed painting .. i aspire to such painting myself .. yet, need to learn to make time for it ..

  3. Beautifull. I take back my previous commment, now I like this one best. So soft, tender - all these possibilities...