Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm a Driver. I'm a Winner.

Part of struggling with the winter blues is wanting to sleep a lot. It feels like I am surrounded by people who have more energy and ambition than me. They flutter around achieving things while I just want to curl up and wait for the spring bulbs to flower.

I have such empathy for chickens who try to fly and can't - but they try anyway. I think this painting is about that too. I'm not really sure what the narrative is. I will probably do more work on this but for now it sits in my studio while I work on other paintings. Slowly. I am a tortoise not a hare right now. Or a chicken.

This painting measures 18"x24" and is oil on panel.


  1. My granddaughter and I was playing with my son's chickens--very slowly trying to touch one--any movement and up they'd go, all a flutter, trying to fly away. We did get them to come close enough to eat from our hands! I love your artwork!