Monday, September 10, 2012

Harvest Fair

I spent Saturday at Seattle Tilth's Harvest Fair. What a glorious day of colorful vegetables, music, children and sunshine. Many farmers in this area are conscious of 'salmon safe' farming practices. I have painted Full Circle Farm and Oxbow Farm's conserved wet lands and will do some more this month. Here in Seattle we can even buy 'salmon safe' chicken eggs. 

Human carrots (organic of course) led the children's parade past my booth.

 Here I am manning (womanning) my painting booth. The tent was lent to me by artist Lisa Lamoreaux. Thanks Lisa!

Last week I spent some time with the teens at Seattle Tilth Youth Garden Works teaching botanical illustration on their urban farm. We painted veggies from the farm while we were sitting outside in the field. Such a beautiful day with such amazing young artists. I loved it.

One of the students from the painting workshop showing his friend's work at their harvest fair veggie stand. These paintings are destined to the be row markers at the farm. I wish we had had time to paint the writing as well. ( I borrowed this photo from Seattle Tilth's Facebook page. )

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