Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mixed Farming

From left to right there is red lettuce, baby green lettuce, French chard, rainbow chard and kale.

Mixed agriculture is very decorative. But of course it is beneficial for the environment  - important for bees and in the natural control of pests and soil management. I just watched "Queen of the Sun" - a documentary about the state of bees around the world. The aerial footage of 600,000 acres of monoculture almond farms in California were sickening. Bees are shipped in from far and wide in blossom season and then shipped out again. They cannot survive after the blossoms die since there is nothing else to eat. It's really a wasteland. I don't feel very good about buying almonds any more.

Poplar trees were planted by long ago farmers as wind breaks and are usually found in rows. This one is missing its partners.

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