Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thank You

Here a some pictures of the people who helped apply gold leaf to the mural. With a tight deadline and almost 400 square feet of painting I couldn't have done it without them. This is Isobel and Will. Isobel is drawing with a bottle of glue. Will is applying the glue with a sponge. Later they will stick gold leaf to the area. It seems it was a good idea to have children all those years ago. (Isobel is my daughter)

My mum. 

Ericka who amazingly lent us her house to work in since my studio was too tiny. Can you believe how sweet that is?

Kenna from Starbucks who art directed this whole project.

My mum, Aileen, Chris, Leslie, Kai and me.  I remember the sunshine. Distantly. I think I look a little stressed. I wonder why. I think at this point the deadline was a few days away.

Jeff and Chris.

My youngest helper, Morgan, and his mum Nicole. With Aileen applying leaf. I don't have pictures of Pat and Daniel who put in so many hours. Sandra and Tracy helped too. It was so great to have support from you all. 

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