Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Poppy Painting

There were so many wonderful things to paint in my poppy patch that I may have crowded too many into one painting. I like the out of control craziness though, because this is also the character of poppy plants.

This, and the last painting of the poppy weasel, are starting to look a bit medieval or like some of William Morris' gorgeous designs. I am a long way from being as orderly as his work is though. I wonder if other aspects of his life were as organized and tidy as his designs just as my life is as clutterd and disorderly as my painting. I once did a series of paintings of the clutter in my life including all the dirty dishes in my kitchen, a large pile of dirty laundry and a floor scatterd with children's toys. I was trying to reconcile my desire to paint with the time it took me away from my children and housework. Did William Morris feel guilty too?


  1. Hello Jean,

    I doubt William Morris felt guilty at all, Victorian men of his status did exactly as they pleased.

    I much admire his work and that of his fellow Arts and Crafts artists and artisans though.

    I so love this painting of Poppies, is it for sale?

    drop me an email? zoelynch at unknowndomain dot co dot uk . Thanks!

  2. Your painting is wonderful Jean! I doubt if William Morris felt guilty either...it's probably a woman thing.I used to feel the same way when I gardened:).No longer however, since I realized how important it is for everyone to have a passion in life.