Monday, June 30, 2008

Wild Peas

My garden is full of sweet peas but the road beside my house has a beautiful display of wild peas.

My initial feeling about this gorgeous show was to enjoy how pretty it was. I photographed them and then came home and my brain kicked in. I did a google search. What is their latin name? Are they native or not? Invasive? Poisonous to cattle? Am I supposed to be enjoying them? I found one mention of how the dried plants in the countryside are a forest fire hazard. Sigh. Nothing is simply "pretty". But that's ok. I am glad for life's complexities and the chance to learn about them. Now I can say "Look at that field of flammable, invasive and mildly toxic lathyrus latifolius. Oh how pretty".

The pearlescent colours of the aging petals are like fairy wings.


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