Friday, July 18, 2008

Chickadee Update

While I usually try to post about plants and paintings, I have included news about my chickadee problem lately since it has taken over my life. The nest in a hole on my front porch is hard to ignore due to the constant scolding of the parent birds. The stress I felt trying to protect the birds from my cats has taken its toll on my nerves and has turned the front entrance of my house into a weird fortress of chicken wire and dismantled light fixtures and the inside of my house into a jail for howling cats.

It was with enormous relief and excitement that I watched these annoying and adorable birds fledge a few days ago. With cats locked securely in the house three baby birds jumped unsurely from the hole in the wall, crashed into the porch posts and huddled bleary eyed on the floor looking completely stunned. My nephew and I scrambled around with the camera keeping a protective eye on things and one of the babies even jumped onto his head.

We watched with relief as all three chicks flew into the safety of high branches where the parents continued feeding them. Happily they never came back to the nest, though I see whole family of five around the house, chicks with stubby tails and parents with beautiful long tails still feeding them. I saw them all this morning and felt such relief and pride and, of course, the worry that parents never stop feeling.

Umm... You want me to do what!?

Woaah...! Legs or wings...Legs or wings...?

Mum! Look at me - I fledged! Mum? Hey where is everybody?

Are you my mother?

What do you mean "crazy scientist hair style"?


  1. These images and the text made me smile. Thanks for a wonderful post. I just loved it, and it was the perfect way to start the morning!

  2. Philip thank you for such kind comments. I never know if I am supposed to reply here on your blog so I will do both.
    I am honoured that you like my little musings. You set the bar high with your own wonderful writing.