Tuesday, July 15, 2008


This oil painting is called "Honesty" and it is a sort of allegory. The plant is "honesty" (or "money plant" Lunaria annua) which grows wild in my back alley near the studio. I think it is called honesty because the light shines through its seed pods revealing what is inside and I echoed this idea witht the sun shining through the rabbit's ears. Honesty is a trait I admire in people and the rabbit seemed a good embodiment of this. When we reveal our true emotions and thoughts we become vulnerable, like this little rabbit, but there is also great beauty and comfort in truth.
(Click on the painting to see it bigger. It measures 8"x10")

I grew these annual "bunny tails" from seed this year and they sit on the railing on my front porch, at hand level for easy stroking. They are lovely with the sun shining through them and the botanical embodiment of that phrase "warm and fuzzy". They are Lagurus ovatus if you are looking for seed.


  1. Just inspiring!
    What a beautiful painting.
    I feel like shouting to the rooftops about your blog. It is very special.
    The text is very thoughtful.
    Best Regards,

  2. Jean,
    The "Honesty" bunny is amazing. What is the word for the reaction that makes us pause mid-sentence and take a quick little breath in? The bunny painting did that to me when I scrolled down your blog to it.
    I really like your work.
    Thankyou for having this blog to share it with everyone.
    -Robin McKinnon(used to be Massey)