Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fun on a Bigger Scale

I have started on a new adventure this week! Macrina Bakery and Cafe will be opening a new headquarters in Seattle soon and I am painting a mural as part of the interior. It will be based on this small painting I did last year of a pear tree but, instead of measuring two feet accross it will measure 16 feet! Yikes!

The mural will be made up of eight panels, each one so heavy that I can't move it by myself.

Henry helps me sand and prime the panels.

I have started with the trunk, which so far looks like a shiny disco ball. Oh dear. A little more work needed I think. Even though the trunk of the real tree looks like a basic grey color, I am including many different colors in the painted trunk. Why be boring when we can make something rich with color. Click on the picture to see the colors up close. The red background will be covered with silver leaf.


  1. Oh this is so exciting Jean! I will look forward to the grand unveiling!

  2. This sounds wonderful! The small drawing is beautiful.

  3. Oh, what a great project!
    I enjoyed seeing the process and hope to see more.
    It is fun to click on the image to see the details.
    two friends of mine painted murals around the city. What is so great is that I can visit these works in person for many years.
    Even though we are far away, we will celebrate the unveiling party,too!