Sunday, August 17, 2008

Painting for Obama

I am donating this little painting to "Art for Change", an Obama campaign fund-raiser. The event will be held in Seattle on Thursday evening. Fifty artists have donated small pieces and patrons will each pay $150 to choose one. For more info please check out the web site and come down on Thursday and support us. I think the web site says that the event is full, but I know that a few more people would be welcome.

If you live in Seattle you will know that it is blackberry season. All along the road sides and in every abandonded lot or neglected field the Himalayan Blackberry has taken over. Bad for the environment. Good for pies and muffins! Eat up.


  1. livaldThis past week we've been picking blackberries twice a day. The dog is most annoyed that her walks are stop & start as we work the thorny vines hanging down over our heads from hillside gardens. We hate them in our yard but love them in other people's!

  2. Yay Obama!
    Yay for blackberries!
    Yay for your painting!