Saturday, November 1, 2008

Getting Ready for the Show

I am still tinkering with this one. The tree is nice and misty but the rabbit's expressions need some reworking maybe. Anyway, I needed to move on and think about something else for a while so I started a fun little painting of my stuffed armadillo, Carmen. I found Carmen in Playa del Carmen, down in the Yucatan. I love her strong shape and unexpected color. As I am painting it I feel that I want her to be exploring a jungle of plants. Maybe I feel like exploring my own world a little these days. Our upcoming change of government has me in a mood to look around and look forward. Maybe we can poke our little noses out of our hiding places now and face the world again. Go Carmen go!

I will work hard on this little painting and hope to have it ready for the show, on 6 November.


  1. I have a purple dragon that I think might be related to Carmen! I find myself wishing we could just fast forward past the next 72 hrs and get to the results already. The nervous energy is driving me crazy. I also find myself wishing we did as the French do and required a media blackout for the 48 hrs before the election--just so we could hear ourselves think instead of hearing the same old tired commercials ad nauseam! --Curmudgeon

  2. Ohhh, I love the tree and the rabbits, Jean, but that armadillo is especially for the win! What a whimsical, wonderful creature.

  3. Hi Curmudgeon,
    Yes, I find that I am quite tense too about Tuesday. I think I need to get out of the house and celebrate, or commiserate., with fellow sufferers.
    Tina - thank you. As if the election doesn't have me nervous enough...I have a show too!
    Thanks Jodi. How nice to hear from you. I love the pictures of your maritime cats. You guys did the election the right way, in three weeks! (or was it four?)That's the way to go.

  4. Carmen's portrait is charming! and the frolicking pigs aren't bad either... what delightful artwork!

    Let's see, how did I find your blog...? i've been exploring so many through Blotanical... oh yes, yours was linked by Zoe at Garden Hopping.... your title is great!