Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Very Good Day

My kids partying. 4 November 2008

What a very good day it is today. Though I live on a rather quiet street people burst out of their doors last night when the election was called for Obama, screaming, shouting, whooping and crying. One of the neighbors set off fireworks. The world needed a party. Congratulations everyone.


  1. Yes!!! It was so late here in the countryside that the only sign of celebration (besides the purring cats) was one car screeching around our corner honking like mad. Too bad we didn't have the brains to get fireworks!

  2. We are pretty pleased with the result this side the Pond too!

  3. Yay!
    Fireworks and firecrackers in the mission district. cars honkind, people shouting outside their windows!
    I was incredibel.
    I love your photo.

  4. Hilarious photo! The kids at my daughter's Seattle elementary school were so excited on Wednesday, one 3rd grade class was chanting "Obama won!" over and over, and the hallways were buzzing. Woo hoo! Our neighbors set off fireworks too, that was how I found out the election had been called already!