Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Snow!

We are not used to this in Seattle. The temperature has been below freezing for six days and isn't forecast to warm up for a few more days. Schools are closed and won't open until after the Christmas break. Henry and I walked up to the Ave to buy milk and admire how pretty everything was.

I love this bush and have been meaning to find out what it is called. I saw a house last winter with one of these in the front garden and a front door painted exactly the same purple. It was wonderful. The example in these photos is here on Queen Anne hill and the lovely houses in the background are typical of the Queen Anne style the hill was named for.

I want to paint snow! But for now I will charge my camera's battery and take a lot of reference pics. I hope that all the little creatures outside are hunkered down out of the wind. How do the hummingbirds survive? I hope that all the people living on the streets of Seattle are finding warm places tonight. The children and I were down at the shelter last night and were told there was still plenty of room which is a comfort, I suppose.


  1. Looks beautiful, we had snow like that this last Easter, 6 inches if it, but is rare to see any at all.

    The Bush looks very like Callicarpa bodinieri 'Profusion' often called Beauty Bush or Beauty Berry and noted for its purple berries. Hopefully that will give you a start finding out.

    Zoë x

  2. Thanks as always Zoe. Now I can hunt around a try to buy one. They look big and scraggily but I will find an open part of the garden somewhere. I think it was your identifying a Cardoon that led me to buying the one that appears in my snowy rabbit painting.

  3. I heard on the news that Queen Ann Ave. was closed to traffic yesterday due to the trecherous conditions. We've seen plenty of cars slipping and sliding as they try to navigate the hilly side streets over here in Ballard/Fremont. We've both had several snow-days as both the nursery where WN works and the language school were I work have shut down. Stay warm!

  4. Hi Wenches. Queen Anne Ave was open yesterday at the top but I bet the Counter Balance was shut down. The lack of cars made the hill so quiet and wonderful yesterday. Only the occasional sound of electric buses with chains rumbling by disturbed the winter wonderland.