Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shadows and Sun

The weather has been so hot that we have all been spending time in the shade. The pumpkin vines are enjoying the heat and their leaves are providing shade for more tender plants.

I love fountain grass, pennisetum, even though it isn't hardy and I have to buy it each year.

The sun shining through the pony tail grass takes my breath away. With a little wind it sways in the most beautiful way. When I walk past I can trail my fingers through it and it feels soft, like a large dog's fur. Much softer than a pony's tail.


  1. What a great post! Lovely shadows... especially the first image!

  2. Shade and light, texture and color, the stuff of a rich garden. Love that first shot with your own shadow on the steps, like a ghost in the pumpkin patch. So glad we are getting a break from the heat today!

  3. I'm enjoying your posts that I had missed when I (or my computer) was away. What a long, hot summer!