Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Snowberry Mouse

Winter is coming and I am looking forward to painting some snowy landscapes with animals in white fur coats. This little mouse looks like she is trying to shake some berries loose. Hmm. I don't know if they are edible. Be careful mouse.

My new snowberry bush survived the hot summer but didn't make any berries so I bought another one that has berries. It is still in its pot beside my easel in the studio. More snowberry paintings soon...
This little study is five inches wide and is oil on birch panel.


  1. Hooray for snowy pictures! Just hope the real snow is a little less, uh, insistent this winter. Funny, my mom's snowberries grow like weeds. Wonder why yours didn't set fruit? I do think they are not edible for humans, maybe not animals either if they seem to stay on the bushes for so long every year??

  2. I just love your work Jean.. love it love it love it somuch.. keep up... you are just an inspiration for me.. too bad i can't draw like you.. but you took a lot of my research pages in my journal..

  3. I just love this little moussie...there is a mouse in my Secret garden..you are ever so welcome to visit..

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