Saturday, November 28, 2009

सम कोलोर फॉर

With finches on my mind I painted this little study showing my new Calicarpa (Beauty Bush) that I love so much. The painting is only 5"x7".
The title of this blog post is turning into some other language as I type it. I wonder what language it is...


  1. That's Hindi.
    With what little I remember, I think it says:
    Sum colour pair

  2. Oh Priya. Thank you. The letters are so pretty. I wish I could read them. I was trying to write "Some Colour for November" I think my computer gave me colourful letters!

  3. How lovely! I have mainly done equine portraits... itching to try some birds after seeing your beautiful works. I do love birds! ;-) Robin at The Flying Orchid

  4. I love your hindi blog title! I wondered if you were learning a new language... I planted my new beautyberry but something(one) came along and broke off some of the twigs with berries, wah! Hope it survives. Love the finch!