Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gorgeous, Amazing, Beautiful Day

A couple of days ago we had such a sunny warm unexpectedly gorgeous day and I was so lucky to spend it painting in the field at Oxbow Farm. 

My friend Tina and I had some fun taking pictures to help me find a portrait photo for the Artist Trust website. Here I am with the children's play tractor.

Megan came out of the barn to warn us that there was a bear on the farm that afternoon. Eventually we were lucky enough to see it on the other side of the lake eating snowberries. The lake area of the farm is a restored wetland with native planting managed with the help of Stewardship Partners.

I hadn't brought a hat so when it was time to paint I had to use a Washington State road map to keep the glare out of my eyes. I love maps!

Here's the finished study. Mount Rainier was 'out' and I couldn't resist putting it in the painting, (in the upper left) along with Cougar Mountain (in the upper right). What a wonderful day.

There are red lettuces in the foreground. Then green lettuce and the dark purply stuff is kale.

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