Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nourish - Plein Air Studies of the Farms of the Snoqualmie Valley

On Sunday I'll hang a show of my plein air studies of Full Circle and Oxbow Farms. The show will run through November and December at Cafe Fiore in Sunset Hill, just north of Ballard. (3125 NW 85th St)

The 9"x12" landscapes are $350 each and the 5"x7"landscapes are $150. The food paintings vary in price. Zucchinis on a cupcake stand called "Cupcakes for the Twenty First Century" and the Radicchio plant are $500. "Blackberries" and the "Zucchinis in Sunshine" are $350.

You can contact me to purchase by emailing me at or calling me at 206 217 0031.

Update November 18: I have added red dots to the paintings that have sold. And an 'NFS' to the one painting that is not for sale.


  1. Jean,

    I just love your work. Your color choices and style are just fantastic. If your paintings look this good online, they are sure to wow! I love them all, but am drawn to the landscapes and especially of Full Circle (where I currently do marketing).

    I look forward to seeing them in person - and seeing what I can afford!


  2. Jean! Congratulations on these fabulous results of the project you conceived. I am so glad you went on this journey of rediscovery in the valley. I hope the Oxbow and Full Circle people get to see these and are proud to have provided the subjects for your gorgeous work.

  3. Thanks for the comment Joie. I hope that you get to see the paintings in person. I was on the farm this week and did a couple more that I'll try to hang, though I am running out of room in that cosy little coffee shop! There will be a nice big show in the Valley next summer.
    Hi Karen. Nice to hear from you as always. You were with me at the start of this adventure!