Thursday, January 24, 2013

Taking Chances

One of the pleasures of being "between commissions" right now is that I get to experiment. I have been wanting to try new media and new languages for a while. Here is an unfinished drawing of a brussel sprout plant on gessoed polyester lining - that cheap fabric, kind of like silk, that lines clothing. As well as playing with the substrate I am experimenting with media - there is pencil and charcoal and flat acrylic and gesso. And I am playing with style of course. Breaking some rules - not that I was ever really aware of them. Running the risk of "unbranding" myself which is bad for business but so good for art. And good for my heart on these dreary winter days. 

The fabric crumples up and springs back perfectly flat. I wonder what will happen if I paint it all with polyurathane to seal the charcoal. It might all smudge into a grey smear. Stay tuned.

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