Saturday, January 19, 2013

Under the Arc of the Sky

Under the arc of the sky they are unsafe.
What's never known is safest in this life.
Under the skysigns they who have no arms 
Have cleanest hands, and, as the heartless ghost
Alone's unhurt, so the blind man sees best.

- exerpt from Was There a Time by Dylan Thomas

Yes it is that time of year again when I need to paint chickens. Hapless creatures who only fly when falling - flung into the unknown by unseen hands - or leaping hopefully off ledges comically close to the ground.

I was thinking about chickens a couple of years ago at this same time. You can see the images I painted here. Coincidentally I packed up the painting called "I'm a Driver. I'm a Winner" and sent it to my lovely friend Nina just this week.

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