Monday, July 20, 2009

Bloggers in Paradise

Seattle Area Garden Bloggers United to Talk (SAGBUTT) enjoyed a perfect summer afternoon at the Snoqualmie Valley garden of Daniel Mount and his partner Michael. Here we sit under the cherry tree.

David Perry who blogs at David Perry Photography and Michael.

Molly from Life on Tiger Mountain and Karen from Greenwalks

Paula from Petunia's Garden and our generous host Daniel of Daniel Mount Gardens

In the foreground - Liisa of Intercontinental Gardener

I don't remember the names of the friendly dogs who walked with us around the spacious woodland paths and marshland. Later we heard some stories about their many encounters with bears - so far with no injuries on either side.

We all brought treats from our gardens. Isobel helped me to ice the cupcakes that we decorated with our own blueberries. (Yes they are officially now called 'eyeball cakes') Looks like they got a little beat up in the car. Other delicious food included black currant and apricot tart and a black currant crumble, exotic salads, fava bean humus with home made pita, tabouleh, and home made rhubarb juice. Wow.

I don't know what David was photographing but I'm sure he made it look beautiful. I hope he posts it.

Thank you Daniel and Michael. It was a slice of heaven.


  1. Hi Jean - so good to see you and get to chat a bit yesterday. I loved your "eyeball" muffins and this post is so sweet, I appreciate that you focused more on the people instead of the garden. I will be slow to get my take together but am so excited to see yours. I think I spy my daughter in the first pic, during her careful row-by-row walk through the veggie patch. I don't remember the dogs' names either! Maybe one was Sadie?

  2. Jean - you captured it perfectly! Thanks for the flowers - they have moved in where the bolting lettuce moved out. (Good thing Michael sent some lettuce home with us.) Thanks for sharing the blueberry harvest, also. Looking forward to the open studio next month. - Paula