Friday, July 17, 2009

Not a Has Bee - Remembered Forever

This little painting is a memorial to a lovely bumble bee I found dead in my garden this week. I looked as closely as I could at her little furry body but still may have made some mistakes. I am no entomologist. Please comment if I should make any changes to this amazing little creature.

The painting is only about 4x6 inches.

Huckleberry tried to eat my little bee.


  1. Just wonderful.Greetings from Turkey.

  2. What a nice tribute to the little gal. I have found them like that before too. It is a good chance to study them a little more closely than when they are buzzing around.
    I love the painting. Paula

  3. I found a little bumble bee on my window sill. Perhaps I should say it found me--on the hand. It is also a has bee, immortalized only in my memories.

  4. Oh poor little bee, I always hate finding them no longer moving or, almost worse, just moving too slowly to be healthy. Their lives are so short and intense! At least this one is memorialized, remembered forever as you say. Nice that you laid her to rest on canvas with her beloved lavender. Kitty would have had a nasty surprise if the stinger was still intact! See you soon.