Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Poppy Pride

Last year I saw a picture of this poppy somewhere and even corresponded with a fellow blogger about it. I found seeds on line and planted them this spring and here it the poppy. I am such a proud parent!

I don't remember where I bought the seed or the kind blogger who helped my to identify it. But it is called either (or both) Danish Flag or Victoria Cross. I love it and will save seed to do it all over again. (and if anybody in Seattle would like some I will gladly share, along with that beautiful pink one from my back alley) I will try to paint this one today before it drops its pretty petals.


  1. Oh wow, it is really something whatever the name! I would love some seed but might need instructions of how to successfully nourish them, since I did so poorly with Catherine's breadseed poppies. :(

  2. Wish I lived in Seattle ... what a great poppy! Can't wait to see your painting!