Friday, October 23, 2009

A New Mural

These beautiful and giant birch panels will become a mural of arbutus trees with aluminum leaf sky. It seems a shame to cover the lovely grain of real trees with artificial painted trees.
My studio is dwarfed and looks a little funny.

The richly colored primer is jolly though.

But with black tree sillouettes it turns into a spooky Hallow'een image. Tomorrow I'll glue the aluminum leaf on and it will all take on a different feeling yet again.


  1. can't wait to see the next step. you're so brave!

  2. Ooh, where is this one going? I love those birch panels, they would make wall covering on their own, but I know that you will do them justice. Just cool to know that underneath your trees there are others. All very ghostly!

  3. I agree that the birch panels are beautiful but you'll transform them into something magical. How do you like working so big?

  4. How wonderful that you take us through your procedures for the Arbutus tree panels.

    So far I have only considered the flowers, berries and leaves of our A. unedo 'Rosea', as the multiple trunks are hidden from view. I shall have to and investigate to see if they match up.