Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New York and Salem

I took a break from blogging, painting and gardening last week to visit New York City with my daughter.
What a perfect and amazing adventure we had.

We also spent some time exploring beautiful Salem Mass. The historic buildings and walls there are fantastic.

And now, with John Singleton Copely's inspiration from this painting at the Metropolitan Museum, I shall get back to work in rainy, but warm Seattle.


  1. thanks for sharing these pictures :-)

  2. Welcome back, it is warm isn't it?

    I love walls and brickwork and I'm seeing some new walls going up in the neighborhood.

  3. lucky you - i love nyc. hope you had some REAL pizza while you were there!

  4. Glad you had a fun trip. Love that wall, and the care it must have taken to fit all the pieces together without mortar so that it would stand the test of time. Ah, little squirrel on a gold chain. Can't wait to see what that one inspires for you!