Monday, January 17, 2011

Still Untitled

This painting started with a trip to the Burke Museum to photograph their taxidermy collection. The moose head was so wonderful, mounted high up on the wall, as tall as a moose. I remember when I was a kid in rural New Brunswick, Canada, my school bus had to stop to let a moose cross the road. It sauntered past and had a good look at us sitting up high in our yellow school bus and it was so big that it looked DOWN at us. They are giants. (and much more thrilling alive than stuffed. So sad)

Once I had painted the moose I started painting other things that caught my fancy with no rhyme or reason. Love-in-the-mist seed pods. Beauty berry. Black moths. And finally I wanted to be part of this strange twilight landscape so I painted a rabbit as my representative.

Usually I have a narrative to go with each painting I make. This painting has suggested many different narratives. They are all about relationships. Moose to bunny. Moths to moose. Animals to plants. Living things to the twilight.

I hope that it speaks to some relationships in your own life.

I can't decide on a name for this painting. "Moths to a Flame" maybe or "Moths to a Moose". Some creatures are so charismatic. And little bunnies sit and watch.

This painting is oil on panel and measures 36"x24". You can click on it to see the details I think.


  1. it's lovely, jean. good luck with the title....hardest part of the painting sometimes!

  2. Jean.. I love your work! Are you painting done in oil or acrylic? I am also a painter. I use acrylics. I have enjoyed your blogspot photos and I found you on facebook too.. Come check out my site!