Saturday, January 15, 2011

Treasures in a January garden

Though I am suffering from the dark and wet weather I made the most of the warmth today by getting into the garden where, as well as a little vitamin D, I found this treasure. It is a half rotted poppy seed pod. I used the photographs of the amazing Karl Blossfeldt as inspiration for these snap shots. If you like plants or photography or wrought iron you'd enjoy his work.

I also photographed this Magnolia grandiflora found on the ground after a wind storm.

A sycamore pom pom.

And the plants I am painting at the moment, Love-in-a-mist.


  1. these photographs are gorgeous. i can't stop looking at them! the stuff you've shot are truly treasures. natures's sculptures.i'm so glad you took the pics in B and W. one can appreciate the shapes even more.

    somewhere on the net, i saw an artist who works on silver by throwing acid onto it and letting it etch out strangely beautiful patterns. that's what the first picture reminds me of.

  2. ps: i've seen karl blossfeldt's work before, but thanks to your reminder, i looked through his wonderful pictures on the net again.

  3. Nice the way these bits and bobs are floating on your page.