Monday, May 25, 2009

Agouti is Happy to Live by the Sea

It seems to take me a long time to finish things these days, including this painting started when I got back from Mexico in March. Henry and I visited the Yucatan and had a wonderful time in the warm sun hunting for coral stones and swimming. I felt so good, being away temporarily from the cold and clouds that I wanted to paint that feeling.

This is an agouti which is cute animal that looks like a cat-sized gerbil that we see every time we go down there.

We swam in a coral lagoon and searched the beach for amazing coral stones. I was fascinated as I had never seen coral before.

I don't know what these plants are called but they were growing wild on the beach and the sunshine turned them to red and gold. I made a regal bower for the agouti who is feeling very pleased to be living by the Caribbean sea.

This painting is oil on three panels and measures 9"x36".


  1. Beautiful, Jean! I too love coral, and your agouti is wonderful!

  2. What a lovely blog. I really like your work. You are very talented.

  3. That leaf is amazing, it looks kind of like a child's 2D drawing of a tree, with the red stem and veins as the trunk and branches. Your agouti, so perky and watchful as well as cute, and what a nice incorporation of the natural elements you found so fascinating on your trip. Lovely as always, Jean!

  4. Thank you for visiting and leaving a trace to follow. I like your place here :)

  5. Thank you so much Ben, Blackbird, Lynn, Karen and Camilla. It is always nervous-making putting my work on line and it means so much to get kind and thoughtful responses.

    Lynn (Redstudio) your landscapes make me want to visit California. I especially like the painting with the black tree trunks.