Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stone and a Rainy Day

I watched Franco Zeffirelli's "Romeo and Juliet" the other night with my daughter who will be acting in the play this summer. Though the movie was made in 1968 it didn't seem dated. Amazing. I think that part of the reason it looked so contemporary was that hairstyles in 1968 were exactly the same as they are today. Young Leonard Whiting playing Romeo was a dead ringer for Chase Crawford or Zac Efron or one of those young heart throbs. The other reason it didn't seem dated was, of course, that it was so beautifully made.

I mention the movie because I have been thinking about stone this week. Zeffirelli shot so many beautiful scenes in Italian towns rich with Renaissance stonework and cobbled streets. At times I enjoyed the scenery as much at the dialogue. I love European stonework, from the dry stone walls of Northern England to the ochre colored crumbling plaster of Bologna. Here in the Pacific Northwest we tend to use wood to build our houses and garden walls but I have some stone elements in my garden.

There is a slate patio in the front of my house,wet with rain as I photographed it today.

There are concrete steps into which my children left their hand prints and which have the added decoration of fallen cherry petals in todays rain storm.

There is a brick patio behind my house which grows wonderful moss in the cracks between each brick. To an ant (or pillbug) this moss is a giant hedgerow.

My terracotta plant pots must wish they were back in sunny Italy instead of damp and mossy Seattle.

I have been thinking about stone and using it for inspiration on a mural commissioned by a corporate client. They wanted a list of slogans and words about communication and they requested a distressed look. I thought of old Italian walls glowing with layers of ochres and umbers and burnt sienna. I prepared the canvases with various textures simulating stone and years of history.

We artists always enjoy a little bit of subversion so this admonition toward authenticity painted on a faux Italian wall makes me smile.

My client likes things old and Italian, as do I, so she seemed pleased with the end result of this mural. I recommeded that she watch Romeo and Juliet and we hummed the theme song together.


  1. jean - your work is lovely and i'm guessing this is the project for which you used the golden gels. aren't they amazing? i love that the company has a technical department to answer artists' questions! love your photography too.

  2. What a cool project - lucky corporation, they have some of your art to inspire them. Yeah, the Prince Valiant hairdos seems to have returned, haven't they? Better than the Ceasar, which a lot of guys were rocking for a while there in Hollywood. Thanks for the tip about the 520 eagle, I've never noticed one but I don't take that bridge very much. Yeah, they're probably laughing at the stupid humans trapped in cars as they shriek and soar away!

  3. Beautiful work as usual Jean. I wish I were an ant or pill bug, I love those little moss hedges in paving. Maybe if I'm very good , next life I'll be very small

  4. Jane — I discovered your blog via Daniel Mount and have just spent the evening looking at both blogs and your Web site. What a wonderful array of images — both photos and paintings — ideas, inspiration and information. I am just saturated and ready to go to bed and let all this beauty swirl through my brain.

    I'm with you on Impressionists vs. abstraction. Give me a Rauchenberg or a Motherwell or a Diebenkorn any day. Are you familiar with Irving Penn's photos of dying flowers or Horst Janssen's paintings and drawings of flowers? Horst knows how to take a flower and make it beautiful but not pretty.

    And I own a copy of the Zefferelli R&J and still think it's the best thing ever. The youthful intensity of the couple paired with ancient city and buildings is still an unforgettable combination.

    And finally, is the parrot tulip bud painting still available and for sale? My finances are not what they were a year ago but my black parrot tulips look like that at the moment. A striking painting!

  5. Hi Susan. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind comments- always appreciated coming from a fellow painter.

    Hi Karen - nice to hear from you as always.

    Daniel, thanks for directing your friend to my blog and welcome Ms Wis. The thought of you reading all my old ramblings is a bit daunting but thanks for taking such an interest. The tulip painting is still unsold and is hanging in my kitchen, as it is a favourite of mine too. I think I was charging $200 for them. I should sell it and move on to this year's tulips, although I think I am maybe too late.

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