Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tulips in a Different Light

Photographed a day after my last post, this tulip just gets better and better. OK so it may seem a little unusual to take pleasure in a dying flower, but isn't it cool?

Here is another unusual way of looking at tulips that may seem crazy to some people. I love walking past this "tulip lawn" a block from my house.


  1. Yes, Jean I too think the aging fading tulip is lovely! I always have a hard time throwing the dry petals away. I used to have hundreds of tulips growing in the lower garden especially as I planted them in rows there... but the voles just adore their fleshy taste! Now I just plant daffodils. Love the tulip yard you pass by too.

  2. I tend to leave flowers past their prime too, I like to see how they decay. You found beauty where others would just have tossed it into the yard waste! Cool naturalized bulb lawn, kind of like a meadow in the city. I always like the crazier gardens too.