Thursday, May 14, 2009

Magic on the Marshes

I have been away for a few days visiting my friend in Maritime Canada where we spent a wonderful Mother's Day in New Brunswick. We stayed with her mum in the family home, a beautiful old Victorian house on the Tantramar Marshes. While exploring a road that ran toward an island in the marsh we saw this sight ahead of us.

It was a mother fox with her five babies. She wasn't afraid of us at all and we managed to get quite close.

It was magical! The babies were the sweetest little creatures in the world and I especially loved the tiny white tip on their tails, a smaller version of their mother's. The sweet little angel below had just finished gnawing on some poor dead animal and you can see the blood on its cheek. Oh nature! Just when I get too anthropomorphic and warm and fuzzy I am always reminded of that nasty and amazing circle of life.

The wet marsh land was home to many cat tails, which looked a lot like ginger fox fur to me.

My friend Jo Jo with her amazing rubber boots covered in strawberries.

The sun streaming through the kitchen window with the marshes beyond. Lunch was waiting. What a wonderful Mother's Day - for foxes and humans.


  1. Magic indeed, Jean! Such fabulous fox photos! Thniking of your "self-portrait with bunny" makes me wonder if you could possibly do a self-portrait with foxes!

  2. I've never seen foxes much. That must have been something to see. Thanks for sharing the little family and the beautiful spot.

  3. I love their long black legs- like stockings. How lucky you were to get so close to them and thank you for sharing the photos.