Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Laughing Not Crying

My painting of summer's abundance is such a pleasure to work on. I am extending summer by bringing these luscious sunflowers into the studio. The little chickadee is wondering how to choose from all the glories of the season but my first attempt at painting her was less than successful. Ha ha ha. Poor thing. I'll post her less funny version when the painting is finished.


  1. Oh Jean, summer doesn't feel very far away today.

    I was just in the garden, trying to beat the yard waste pick-up and it's too hot for me to work. But, we've had just enough of cool days and grey skies to make everyone aware that fall is on the way and to appreciate whatever 'summer' we have left.

    There are some beautiful sunflowers on 7th and Blaine- they are such an emblem of summer. I hope that your little bird finds plenty to eat.

  2. Nope, Fall is not coming this year.... It's really quite lovely in my little world...