Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SAGBUTT at the Arboretum

A couple of images from Sunday's meeting of garden bloggers at the University of Washington Arboretum. The orange seeds belong to an Iris foetidissima and the pretty pink berries are from a Mountain Ash.


  1. That iris was such a nice surprise - I would never have thought to crack open the seed pods and find something so lovely. I liked the pink sorbus berries too, much better than the loud orange/red ones. The tree with white ones was pretty cool, too. I haven't even looked at my pics from that day yet, you are way ahead of me as usual!

  2. That mountain ash is the most delicate shade of pink- so pretty. I've been seeing recipes for rowan berry jelly on some of the blogs that I read. Anyone made any?

    I have plenty of iris foetidissima seeds and starts in my garden if anyone wants some. The seeds of mine seem to be a little darker and brighter (oranger) than those.

    It looks as if you had the perfect fall day for your meeting- I'm sorry to have missed it.