Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Art Teacher

The recent figure and cat studies are good. Try some observed studies in colour. 8/10

Your corn drawing is the most thorough piece of work. Try to take on that kind of challenge more often. Sketchbook mark 17/20

Drawing from observation. You need to challenge your abilities regularly Try not to neglect this aspect of your work. 8/10

These are my sketchbooks from high school with wise comments and marks by my art teacher, John Murphy. Thank you John for everything. We will all miss you.

You can read about John here.


  1. He sounds like a wonderful man and he is gone too soon.

  2. Sorry for your loss. An influential teacher like that means the world. Funny that he graded your sketches, though - seems kind of harsh for high school. I guess he wanted to push you to fulfil your talent. I like the b&w kitty, looks almost like a Japanese painting. And the corn is wonderful too. I think you deserved 20s on all!

  3. Yes John was a wonderful man. He cared deeply about human rights and was very active in promoting this cause. He was also a good teacher who knew that I was coasting through high school and wanted me to challenge myself more. I very much appreciate how he set the bar high for me though it may seem harsh now. It was perfect for me. And for others I am sure he was as kind and encouraging as was his nature.

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